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ANY HUMAN HEART Closing Paragraph

created Sep 5th 2014, 13:45 by HazemKaroui



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Life in the old dog. Life still living, pleased to have managed to live in every decade of this long benighted century. What a time I’ve had quel parcours, as the French say. I think a drink is called for. Yes, absolutely I will open a chill bottle of white wine and take it out and sit under the big chestnut and drink a toast to Logan Mountstuart. Every decade. All my ups and downs. My personal rollercoaster. Not so much a rollercoaster - a rollercoaster's too smooth - a yo-yo rather - a jerking, spinning toy in the hands of a maladroit child, more like, trying too hard, too impatiently eager to learn how to operate his new yo-yo.

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