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The Court consists of 8 Muslim judges including the Chief Justice. Procedure for appointment of judges of Federal Shariat Court has been changed after 18th and 19th amendments as previously such judges were appointed by the President from amongst the serving or retired judges of the Supreme Court or a High Court or from amongst persons possessing the qualifications of a judge of the High Court. At present, the judges of Federal Shariat Court are also appointed through the Judicial Commission, which comprises the Chief Justice of Pakistan, as Chairman with four senior most Judges of the Supreme Court, one former Chief Justice or a retired judge of the Supreme Court, appointed by the Chairman, in consultation with the four member judges of the Supreme Court, Attorney General for Pakistan, the Federal Minister for Law and Justice, Chief Justice of Federal Shariat Court and most senior judge of the Federal Shariat Court, as members. For appointment of Chief Justice, however, the most senior judge of the Federal Shariat Court is excluded from the composition of the Commission. Once the Judicial Commission approves a new name for appointment as a judge of the Federal Shariat Court, it goes to an 8-member Parliamentary Committee that has equal representation of the Government and the Opposition as well as of two houses i.e., National Assembly and Senate. This Committee has two weeks to review the recommendation. If the recommendation is approved, it goes to the Prime Minister who forwards the same to the President for appointment. The Parliamentary Committee, for reasons to be recorded, may not confirm the recommendation by three-fourth majority, in which instance, the decision is forwarded to the Commission through the Prime Minister, and the Commission is required to send another nomination.   

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