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Hate - A Fire worse than those of Hell

created Feb 6th 2022, 09:26 by Madara Senju



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Humanity should be thankful to the Nature for evolving them to level where they can not only use their brains but are also able to experience various emotions. Humanity has gone through various ups and downs , be it pandemics or economic breakdown or any warfare . It is daughtiness of Humanity that despite going through such horrible pasts it hasn't lost its edge over its Human Nature. But the real evil and enemy of Humanity has now arrived . I can arguably say that Hatred is now at the peak , Humanity may have had its own Hatred from time to time , but it was just part of that time but as in of present era's scenario , it is becoming the basic building block of everything. Hatred has become the base for building Politics , Hatred has emerged from the gaps of character and distrustful nature of Humans. We think that Humanity will rise if we hate someone and delete them from existence . It doesn't matter for how long does the Humanity tries to stand upon the feet of Hatred , But the legs will fall apart sooner or later. More important , No one but The One who holds the fire of  Hatred ,  is burnt before everyone. It is unarguable fact that Hatred burns the hand of beholder. Hatred is just like the forest fire that if caught by one tree burns the entire forest in blink of an eye. Hatred will also burn the entire Human race to ashes before there is someone to douse the fire. Humanity can never succeed on the shoulders of jealousy and hatred , what we truly need is Universal Brotherhood and Mutual Understanding of success in our society. We don't spread the brotherhood and Love amongst all people , Hatred will not hesitate to corrupt the Humans with its malice . If Hatred is passed down to the younger generation , that will become the point of no return . The End of Humanity would by then have begun. Spread Love and Brotherhood.

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