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'A Most Beautiful Smile' by Azam Siddiqui

created Jan 25th, 14:08 by shineboy



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I was nervously floating like a derelict ship
Pounded, buffeted by live’s waves
Being taken from here to there
Moving from nowhere to nowhere
Then a divine breeze blew
So benign so refreshing
Carrying mist and dew
Obscuring my vision
Caging my breath
Enthralling my soul with music ablest
I am swirling towards the epicenter of space
In a fragrance like roses on fire
Their fumes filling my brain
creating rifts and joints in my psyche
As if it's being created all over again.
Under the Omnipotent’s love
Which destroys everything in between
You-me, we no more are,
All is blissful just look as far
And everywhere we turn
Is the Love of One.
now all is very calm
The halo of light in which you look so bright
Sends shivers through my heart
Premonition of what would happen if you smile
Would it be split apart
I Wait longingly for the fatal blow
Just then your most beautiful smile
As if not drinking yet tasting wine
I felt it on your face as I feel it in my heart
Grateful I am for God’s concern
That was reflected in that most beautiful smile

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