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We can look upon a road from who different points of view. One regards it as dividing us from the object of our desire; in that case we count every step of our journey over it as something attained by force in the face of obstruction. The other sees it as the road which leads us to our destination; and as such it is part of our goal. It is already the beginning of our attainment, and by journeying over it we can only gain that which in itself offers to us. This last point of view is that of India with regard to nature.  
For her, the great fact is that we are in harmony with nature; that man can think because his thoughts are in harmony with things that he can use the forces of nature for his own purpose only because his power is in harmony with the power which is universal, and that in the long run his purpose never can knock against the purpose which works through nature.  
In the west the prevalent feeling is that nature belongs exclusively to inanimate things and to beasts, that there is a sudden unaccountable break where human-nature begins. According to it, everything that is low in the scale of beings is merely nature and whatever has the stamp of perfection on it. Intellectual or moral, is human nature. It is like diciding the bud and the blossom into two separate categories, and putting their grace to the credit of two different and antithetical principles. But the Indian mind never has any hesitation in acknowledging its kinship with nature, its unbroken relation with all.  
The man of science knows, in one aspect, that the world is not merely what it appears to be to our sense; he knows that earth and water are really the play of forces that manifest themselves to us earth and water how, we can but partially apprehend. Likewise the man who has his spiritual eyes open knows that the ultimate truth about earth and water lies in our apprehension of the eternal will which works in time and takes shape in the forces we realize under those aspects.  

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