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Every morning, depending on the day ahead, create a positive affirmation for yourself and remember it throughout the day along with the work that you do in your workplace. Affirmations will keep your consciousness positive and powerful and increase your work efficiency and productivity. There are many beautiful qualities like sweetness, tolerance, cheerfulness, co-operation, accuracy, good wishes and many more. Choose any one quality daily and bring it in your words and actions with everyone. This will keep your office environment positively charged and your mind relaxed and light. An important step for keeping yourself stress free is remaining free from anger and creating an anger free setting in your office. You can do this by placing reminders in your office reminding that your office is a No Anger Zone, which you and everyone see regularly and make peace and goodness the natural energies of where you work. One of the most important causes of stress at the workplace is unhealthy comparison and competition and emotions like jealousy and hatred which arise because of that. Creating an attitude of love and respect with inner humility will keep you relaxed and free from stress and anxiety. Your work is very important to you and you need to give it utmost attention. But if the attention carries attachment with it, it creates stress. So create an attitude of detachment and do your work with ease and without the pressure of expectations. Meditation for 1 minute every hour helps in achieving this balance.

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