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The man who refused to marry

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There was a man in a village who refused to marry anyone. He would never say why he didn't agree to do so but he never would. No matter how many proposals came to him, he would always turn them down. After some time the proposals stopped and he became old. Soon he was on his deathbed due to an illness. His neighbour was very curious about the attitude of the man and thus came to visit him. He told the man, "You have chosen to not marry anyone your entire life and now you are going to die without anyone who loves you. At least now tell me, why did you reject every marriage proposal?". The man replied, "I was waiting to find and marry the perfect woman of my life". "You fool! In your quest to marry the perfect woman you have come to not have anyone who cares for you!", the neighbour exclaimed. The man replied, "I actually found the perfect woman of my life at one point during my travels." "So then what happened?", the neighbour asked. The man gazed out of his window longingly and replied, "She was looking for the perfect man".

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