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Recommendations made by the Backward Classes Commission, the Government of India examined the matter in consultation with the State Government concerned. This is exacity what we have decided and what was been incorporated in the present Bill. As a result, it has been decided that in the case of Rajasthan the area restriction should be removed altogether, because in Rajasthan this population has been spread over a very large area. It was found that they were entitled to this measure-of-protection and, therefore, this area restriction has not been kept up in respect of Rajasthan Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh the tribes residing in tehsils where there is concentration of twenty per cent of more of tribal population should be specified as Scheduled Tribes. This is point number two so far as the salient recommendations of the Backward Classes Commission were concerned. Then, Sir, the third point was regarding the actual omission or actual additions. There were a number of communities. In respect of this there are certain difficulties also which I shall be pointing out very soon. So far as the backward Classes Commissions recommendations in this respect were concerned there were certain natural handicaps. When we received their recommendations regarding either addtions or omissions, natually we had to depend upon the well-considered views of the State Government. As stated to the House, there was a double reference. The first reference was at the preliminary stage and the second reference was with regard to the tentative proposals that the Government had evolved. Therefore, in this case after the receipt of the views of the State Government, the State Government, the Government of India finally re-cast what they had prepared in the light of these views. Generally what has been done is when there has been a recommendation which is supported both by the Backward Classes Commission and the State Government then we accept that particular community either for addition if formerly it was not there or for omission if omission has been jointly supported by both these people. It fox example there is a difference of opinion between them then the Government considered the matter. I would point out that the State Governments have a number of means of knowing the correct position so far as these are concerned. So far as the Backward Classes Commission was concerned there were certain handicaps as pointed out to you.  

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