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In the society, the girl child gives new opportunities for the child and keeping in view the increasing consciousness of the people, it is celebrated as a national work. Removal of inequality towards the girl child is the significance of National Girl Child Day. It should be ensured that due respect and importance is given to every girl child in the Indian society, this is the purpose of this day. It should be ensured that every girl child in the country should get all her human rights. Working against child sex ratio in India and changing people's mind about girl child through this day. The couple will be initiated towards the girl child by increasing awareness about the importance and role of the girl child. By discussing about the issues related to their health, honour, education, nutrition etc., the girl child will get due respect in the country. Promoting gender equality among people in India shows the biggest importance of this day.
National Girl Child Day is celebrated every year on 24 January as the National Work Day for the girl child. The purpose of this day is to give self-reliant and important status to girls in the country. The goal of celebrating this day is to increase the awareness among the people to eradicate the inequalities of the girl child in the society. In order to improve the condition of girl child in India, one-third of the seats in the local government have been reserved for women by the Indian government. Anti-MTP, Anti-Sati Act, Anti-Dowry Act has also been brought by law to increase the status of women and employment opportunities. National Girl Child Day is celebrated keeping in view the awareness of the people of the country to give equal status to the girl child.

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