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district court matter 2021

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On behalf of the accused candidate, the scholar Counsel has argued that according to Ram Surat, the shot was fired from a distance of 6 steps while according to Ahat Babu Lal Yadav the bullet was fired from a distance of 1-1 / 2 bit. We do not agree that there is a significant contradiction between the testimony of the two eyewitnesses and the medical evidence, despite the distance to be shot. According to medical evidence, blackness has been found on the wound and the shot was fired closely and the testimony of both eyewitnesses is substantially similar. Ram Surat and Babu Lal Yadav have not used the same words when describing the shooting distance. Naturally, it is necessary to make such a difference in the testimony of witnesses, apart from this, the Supreme Court in the case of State v. Sugad Singh has determined that in the case of bullet injury, the second from where the bullet was fired and medical. The inconsistency between the evidence of the witnesses and the eyewitnesses is not significant in the case when Go Mr.'re playing matches as essential to conduct the prosecution evidence, medical evidence of the attack. This is also the case here. Ahat Babulal was shot closely by accused Jagdish while he was sitting on the driver's seat in the vehicle. There was blood on some part of the vehicle's seat and the investigative officer cut that bloodstained piece of the seat and took it into possession by Fird Exhibit A-4.  

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