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Although according to the British historians, Hun, Shaka, Nag, Khash, Bisht etc. also used to reside in the Himalayan region, but in the mythological texts and history, this area is widely known by the name of Kedarkhand and Manaskhand.
This area has been considered as Dev Bhoomi and Tapobhoomi. The names of Kurmanchal and Kumaon of Manaskhand came into existence during the rule of Chand kings. According to historical accounts, Kedar Khand was divided into several strongholds forts. These strongholds had separate kings and the kings had an empire over their respective territories. According to historians, the king of the Panwar dynasty subordinated these Garhos to establish a unified Garhwal kingdom and made Srinagar their capital. The name Garhwal of Kedarkhand came into vogue only then. In 1803, the Gorkha army of Nepal invaded Garhwal state and took the state of Garhwal under them. Maharaja Garhwal sought help from the British to free the state from the suzerainty of the Gorkha army of Nepal.
The British army finally defeated the Gorkha army of Nepal near Dehradun in 1815. But due to the inability of the then Maharaja of Garhwal to pay the prescribed amount of war expenses, the British did not hand over the entire Garhwal state of Garhwal and included the former part of Alaknanda Mandakini under the rule of East India Company and only the Tehri Maharaja of Garhwal was included. Returned the territory of the district including present-day Uttarkashi  Sudarshan Shah, the then Maharaja of Garhwal, established his capital on 24 December 1815 at a place called Tehri which was a small village at the confluence of Bhagirathi and Milangana. After some years, his successor Maharaja Narendra Shah established another capital named Narendra Nagar at a place called Odathali. From 1715 onwards Dehradun and Paudi Garhwal including the present Chamoli districts and Augustmuni and Ukhimath development blocks of Rudra Prayag district were under the British and Tehri Garhwal was under Maharaja Tehri.  

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