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While walking in the path Betal tells the story to King Vikram so that the road can be cut quickly and there is entertainment in this terrible horror forest. Vikram could not even speak anything. They were bound by betal terms. At the end of the story Betal used to ask a question to the king, to find out the answer along with Betal the Gandharvas, gods and deities were also eager.
King Vikram was very judicious. In the three worlds, his justice was considered to be the best and the intricate question of Betal was based on justice that is why everyone was eager to hear his justice, but as soon as he answered after hearing Betals answer the wind I flew away because Vikram broke the condition of not speaking. There was another problem here that at the end of the story Betal would tell King Vikram that if you do not know the answer to my question, then I will tear your head into pieces with my yoga force. Vikram was bound because he knew the answer.  If Vikram wanted, he could divert his attention from Betals stories, as a result of which he would not be able to hear the story properly and he would not know the answer as well as neither the condition of speaking was broken but he did not do it because Vikram knew that Betal was very knowledgeable. Many stories related to life, governance and household are hidden in his stories.
Friends, I have used many sources to provide the stories of Betal Pachisi on this blog. Like - many websites available on the internet, some old books, videos available on YouTube as well as their listened stories are also used in writing the story. I have tried my best to provide a flawless story here because the story has remained flawed and incomplete in many places due to capi-paste on most of the websites.
If you look at the stories of Vikram Betal on Wikisource, you will find many stories incomplete. I have also revised the stories and published them here, taking some support from Wikisource. In the end, some stories will look similar to Wikisource but it would not be appropriate to say that I capitulated to Wikisource.

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