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Fast Fingers

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As I thought about trying to learn typing faster on my keyboard, I was already sitting by my computer opening Chrome.
I typed in "10 Fast Fingers" because all of my friends told me that's a good site and I wanted to try it out too.  
Maybe I have some hidden talent .
I looked what kind of things you could do here. And there was a lot!
I wont count down now how many things there are, but there is really a lot try it out yourself.
I tried the 1 Minute "Typing Test" and I got 15 words in a Minute!
I think that's a lot for someone like me. That 1 Minute Test wasn't the only thing I wanted to try.
So I want to the other categories. Not gonna lie, I was really bad in all of them.
The last thing I wanted to try is "Text Practice". When I opened up this category there were so many Texts!
I couldn't believe it. Because if this site is so well known why did I only get it from some of my friends?
Strange. Well let's continue on my story.
I tried some of those text, they were really good! Then I thought about writing my own one.  
Because it looked like fun. While you are writing this Text I hope you enjoyed it.
And will leave a like!

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