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One day some monkeys came wandering under the tree on which both of them sparrow lived. All the monkeys were shivering in the cold.  In such a situation, one of them said, "Today it is very cold. Why don't we burn a fire together? That fire will also give us heat." Hearing this, all the other monkeys thought that it would be right to do so. They started collecting dry leaves and sticks to light a fire.  While they were doing this, the sparrow sitting at the top was watching them. She could not hold herself and in curiosity she said to the monkeys, "Who are you all? You look like a human in appearance. You have legs and hands too. So why don't you all make home? All the monkeys got angry on hearing this from the sparrow and one of them said, You do your work and let us do our work. Don't you know we should not disturb others when they are working? After that the sparrow became silent.  They had collected wood and dry leaves.  Then one of them monkey said, We have gathered wood and leaves, but how will we light a fire in it?
In such a situation, another monkey replied, I have seen a man burning fire. He lit a fire with a spark. We will do the same. When they were talking about fire and spark a firefly passed by. On seeing firefly, the monkeys felt that it is a spark. Because of that they all started catching that firefly.  After capturing the firefly, they tried to burn leaves from it. But the leaves did not burn with the firefly and after some time it flew away from there. Then the sparrow sitting at the top started thinking how foolish the whole monkey is. They are trying to burn a fire with a firefly.  The sparrow could not resist itself and said to them, Hey, do not light a fire like this. To burn a fire two stones have to be rubbed together. Spark come out from the stones when we rub it together. The monkeys did not listen to her and they started catching that firefly again. The sparrow again told them that the stones can be used to burn things by rubbing them. A monkey got angry and climbed on that tree. He threw sparrow's nest from the tree. After this, sparrow started crying sadly and all the monkeys left from there.

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