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A young man named Mohan lived in the town of Nanakpura. He was very lazy and doodle. This nature of his father used to bother him a lot. Due to his laziness, he was neither able to read nor did he learn any work.
Whenever his father sent him to school, his teachers always complained that Your son Mohan is very lazy neither does it work in school nor is he interested in reading and writing. So it would be good to teach it some work. And then when he left Mohan for some work he used to complain from there too.
His father Asaram ji was a good sculptor There was a lot of discussion about his sculptures made in the vicinity. Therefore everyone was tempted to buy their idols.
He was always licking it like a termite inside. They wanted to teach him some work and stand on his feet. But Mohan could not learn any work due to his laziness and slackness. That is why Asaram mind started to become more sad.
Another problem before him was that he did not even scold his son. The reason for this was that he was the child of a bin mother.
Once upon a time, Asaram the sculptor fell ill. They had no hope of survival. He was always worried about this what would happen to his son Mohan after he died?
At that time too I was worried about this. Finally he called his son Mohan to him and Boule Mohan son! There is no trust in my life. Therefore I want to give you a treasure that will cut your life comfortably. I understand that you will definitely try to find the treasure.  
Saying this, Mohan's father Asaram the sculptor turned his eyes on him forever. Seeing his father dead, Mohan's eyes filled with tears. He felt the earth slipping under his feet. There was darkness in front of his eyes. After the death of his father as if a mountain of sorrows broke on Mohan. He remained lost for several days.  
Then one day he vowed that he would forget that incident forever.
But Mohan used to remember the last sentences of his father. At that time too he remembered the same sentence Mohan son! There is no trust in my life. Therefore, I want to give you such a treasure which will cut your life comfortably. I think you will definitely try to find that treasure.
He got up and went to his father room. Started searching for the treasure there. And searched his father room but did not find his fathers treasure. In the room, only the stuff of making sculptures, color and some incomplete sculptures were kept.

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