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Once a merchant was passing through the forest with his camel. He left the camel in the forest as it was ill and continued its journey on its own. It ate whatever was available in the forest. Got well soon, and was happy. The lion, the fox and the crow were living in unity in the same forest. They came to know about the camel and interrogated him. The camel narrated the incident, and the four became good friends. One day, when the lion hunted an elephant, it was badly hurt. Therefore, he remained inside his den and could not come out. Therefore, the lion could not go out hunting. The other animals could not hunt, and they all went hungry. The lion called the fox, the crow and the camel. "Mr.Fox, I am very hungry," "Go in this direction and give me something to eat". Mr.Crow, you go in the other direction Mr. Michelle, you go in the opposite direction, and get something. You three, come back after having your meal. OK, now you can go. All three went in different directions, did not find anything to eat. They got together again, and made a decision. Accordingly, they stood before the lion. King Lion, I searched everywhere but could not find food, to satisfy my hunger. Therefore,

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