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It may be pertinent to mention that the respondent had even participated in the said Court proceedings on behalf of his handicapped aunt, Edna May Sequeria as a guardian and received a cheque on her behalf. The appellant had deposited   Rs.40,000/-, the owelty money in the said Court proceedings which became payable on account of the purchase of the said house. The said suit property stood registered in Panaji Municipal Council in the name of the appellant. House tax was paid by the appellant to the Municipality on self-occupation basis. Further, it is submitted that the possession of the suit property always remained with the appellant. The Panaji Municipal Council, Goa issued a certificate showing that possession of the suit premises was with the appellant and the house tax of the suit property was paid by her and she was the recorded owner of the same. According to the appellant, the respondent himself had acknowledged possession and title of the suit property in favour of the appellant. The appellant submitted that she got married on 8.9.1974 to an Officer of the Indian Navy who was posted from time to time in different places in India. She also submitted that the respondent - her brother requested her that as his office is just adjacent to the suit property, therefore, it would  be convenient for him to run his office and to keep an eye on the suit property of the appellant. Therefore, the suit property was given to the respondent only as a caretaker. The respondent executed a leave and licence agreement in the name of his wife to shift with his family out of the suit property completely on 1.4.1991 to Campo Verde Apartments at Caranzalem in Goa. The leave and licence agreement executed by the respondent's wife for the new house wherein the respondent and his family shifted on 1.4.1991 and thereafter got the agreement renewed on 7.3.1992. The respondent also owned one flat in Goa and occupied on 17.4.1991. 12. According to the appellant, the respondent handed over the suit property to his sister Maria in the first week of May, 1991 and requested her that some items which were already lying in the suit property which the respondent did not immediately require in his new place may be kept in the suit property. According to the appellant, her brother before shifting to the tenanted flat, handed over the keys of the house to the appellant. The appellant did not take any receipt from her brother or click a photograph to create evidence showing handing over of the custodian possession of the suit property. The respondent shifted to his new flat and the suit property was lying almost vacant because the appellant along with her husband was living outside Goa on his different official postings.

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