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While most people would argue having a life you love will make you happy whereas some would say that happiness will help you to create a life you love. So, it depends on you what you choose and how you make yourself happy with the life you have. Here are some of the things that you should follow as a reminder to keep yourself motivated and positive. Exercise more. Exercising makes you feel good so that you are always in a better mood after a workout or simply a walk to the supermarket. You will never see someone in a bad mood after they have done an intense workout. Positive thinking affects your performance. Positive thinking raises energy levels, creativity and productivity. Looking towards to something with full confidence and positiveness makes things possible in your own terms and conditions. Trash your negative thoughts. Some people are overwhelmed by their negative thoughts and they have real problems in getting rid of them. A study found that by actually writing these thoughts down on a piece of paper and then destroying them is effective. The fact of discarding them physically does help in reducing their effects. Psychologists suggest doing this on a regular basis. Treasure your experiences more than your feature. A psychologist has done quite a lot of research as to why it is better to treasure memorable and pleasant experiences rather than the material things we buy. Comparing experiences and looking at better objects after purchase can be discouraging and ruin the actual pleasure we get while purchasing new things. Write down about your gratefulness. Feeling and thinking about the things you are grateful for as you wake up is a great way to build more happiness. Research on brain shows that you always end to focus on the negative things of life like those worries, tragedies, failures, and discontent. Negativity is the failure position. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means that you concentrate and pay full attention to the present moment and accept it without judging it. If you do it regularly, it can decrease your stress levels and lead to a better quality of life.  

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