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The word election is made up of two words, chun and nao. Under the process of election, the people choose such a boat as a leader who can make the people cross the path of development. Elections in India have a long history. Earlier, when the kings and emperors were ruling in the country, elections were also held at that time. The kings and emperors used to choose their sons as the future rulers. For example, King Dasharatha had chosen his eldest son Shri Ram so that he could sit on the throne. It is a different matter that due to some elasticity, Shri Ram could not sit on the throne.
The public had no role in such an electoral process by kings and emperors. When the country did not get independence and there was a tussle of British rule in India, elections were held even in those days. The then leaders used to make their own elections by their own deeds. Later, the result of getting independence for the country was that the public also got a chance to participate in the electoral process. Both the leader and the people became free. The people got the freedom to vote and the leader got the vote. The name of this process of vote transaction is election which is used to maintain the status of democracy. To prove that change happens, this political program started from the year 1950 was later established as a full-fledged program. Till the mid-seventies elections in India were held every five years. These were the days when people were seen eagerly waiting for the elections. After eagerly waiting, the public used to see a lot of elections.
When the elections held at an interval of five years were over, the people used to get sad. As time passed, the leaders, who were unhappy with this misery of the people, felt that elections only once in five years were neither in the interest of the country nor in the interest of the people. In such a situation, the only way to give happiness to the people who were unhappy by voting only once in five years was to increase the frequency of elections.
The result of such thinking of the leaders was that the leaders started planning to topple the governments so that the elections could be held without any interruption.  

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