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How simple is simple?

created Thursday April 08, 09:38 by ImanKalyan



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Simple is a word we use when we understand the world around us - anything, theories, relationships and even life. But aren't simple things always been the most dangerous things around us? Political slogans, advertisement campaigns and even explanations to the most nuanced things can be dumbed down to make it simple doing grievous faults instead. Take for an example, religious phobia of another community. It is easy to blame people for the community they belong just due to a few miscreants who have caused trouble. In campaigns, leaders shame the others by coming up with one-liners (and dialogues) which is simple to lay man. But isn't this same simplicity the cause of a lot of rut of the world? I once heard my aunt say that I am an intellectual since I try to complexify understandings. That is what college teaches you- read between the lines. But is this too complex so much so that common masses don't relate to anything academics say. The significance of all this blabbering is simple and complex have just one thing that divides them- understanding/cognizance and maybe both the so called learned class and the common man need to extend beyond their daily doing to bridge that huge gap.

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