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All the Indian languages are poor. They do not have enough words. English is a rich language and an international language. We have had this English; Are we going to leave it? A country having poor languages has a rich and an international language, whatsoever may be the circumstances of its coming. Shall we leave it? We always come across the above plea. If we were to enumerate the fallacies in it one by one, there would be too may of them. But I concede for argument's sake that Telugu, Urdu, Hindi are poor languages, Whether they are actually poor or not is a different matter. Let us accept that the Indian language are not rich in vocabulary and do not serve our purpose well in law, science etc. Does it follow, the we should use a rich languages, In that case our languages, shall continue to be poor. Those who, say that Telugu, Hindi, Urdu and Marathi are poor language should think all the more of usinges their languages. For only out of such usage these languages will become rich. I wonder how a man with a little sense would suggest the use of English on the pretext that our languages are poor. Now some unthinking persons may say: :Let us first of all make our languages rich, then make use of them; till then let us use English in courts colleges and government administration where a cultured and a developed languages in necessary; In the meantime let us compile dictionaries; let us ask scientists, and other to invent correct and precise to decide as to what does and glossaries are ready, let us use our language. I may tell you that this has never happened, and shall never happen in the history of languages of the world. To the people will no longer be  at a loss to know how to draw the attention of the concerned officials to their grievances, such guidance will be a step in the right direction. But the crucial think is whether there is any guarantee that expeditious decisions will be taken after this able to achieve this purpose without first reviewing the existing dilatory procedures in every branch of public administrations. But this cannot be done in a trice. In the measures the government will do we to concentrate on easing the immense difficulties of the people where they come into direct contact will officials almost every day.  

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