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You will improve your reading fluency and comprehension and develop your vocabulary. Each story has interactive exercises to help you understand and use the language.People often said that Boyle was the most boring man in the world.  didn’t know why people thought he was so boring.  thought he was quite interesting. After all, he collected stamps. What could be more interesting than stamps? It was true that he didn’t have any other hobbies or interests, but that didn’t matter for . He had his job, after all. He had a very interesting job. At least,  thought it was interesting. Everybody else said that his job was boring. But he was an accountant! Why do people think that accountants are boring? thought . thought his job was fascinating. Every day, he went to his office, switched on his computer and spent seven and a half hours looking at spreadsheets and moving numbers around on them. What could be more interesting than that?
But  was unhappy. He was unhappy because people thought he was boring. He didn’t want to be boring. He wanted people to think that he was a very interesting person. He tried to talk to people about his stamp collection. But every time he talked about his stamp collection he saw that people were bored. Because people were bored when he talked about his stamp collection, he talked about his job instead. He thought people would be very interested when he talked about his job, but, no, people thought his job was even more boring than his stamp collection. Sometimes, people even went to sleep when he talked to them.
 thought about how to make himself more interesting. He decided that he needed to be famous for something. He thought about his stamp collection and decided that perhaps his stamp collection could make him famous. Perhaps he had the biggest stamp collection in the world or perhaps he had a very valuable stamp. Yes, this was it, he decided.
He wrote a letter to a local newspaper and asked them if they wanted to come and write an article about a local man with the biggest stamp collection in the world. The local newspaper wrote a letter back to telling him that actually the Queen of England had the biggest stamp collection in the  was very sad to learn this, but wrote back to the newspaper, telling them that he thought he had the most valuable stamp in the world. The newspaper wrote back to him, telling him that the most valuable stamp in the world cost 2,240,000 dollars, and asking him if he was sure that he had it.  wasn’t sure that he had it. In fact, he was sure that he didn’t have it. Perhaps his whole collection was very valuable though

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