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Please think about BEES!

created Jan 12th, 06:47 by Alok Kumar Yadav



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Have you ever wondered who would it be like to live like a bee. If not life shows always the good thinks that's why first I will also tell you about the good thinks about their life. They enjoy their lives and they communicate by dancing and tell their friends about the source of nectar by dancing in front of them and now lets talk about the bad thinks in their life yes that's the only think good in their life whenever they sting a person animal or anything they pay their life for it because after stinging a organism they leave their sting inside them at the place they have stinged  and after loosing their sting they die And now they even cant satisfy themself after stinging if a human try's to collect nectar from their nest. Because either they have the protection suit against bees or they first apply a fire under the nest to make the bees go away from the nest due to the smoke. They taps too million flowers and fly 50,000 miles to collect one pound of honey (which is about 454 gm of-course I have googled it) and many companies use it as a business product. Life is so................

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