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In a city a student named Satyarth lived with his family. His father used to do moneylending. The student was very honest and dutiful. Lakshmi remained in her house. There was a kingdom of prosperity everywhere.
But perhaps God did not like the fact that those people could live life comfortably. One day Satyarth's moneylender father came home tired. On being asked by the family members, they said that there has been a loss in business and the debt of other moneylenders has been inflicted on them. There is no income from anywhere else so they will have to repay their loan by selling their house.
Hearing this, the people of Satyarth house started crying.
Satyarth then explained to them, Dont cry! This happiness and sorrow are a moving thing and one should never grieve for a moving thing. If this is what is written in our destiny today then maybe there is a better house in our installment tomorrow. After convincing Satyarth in no way his family became silent.
Then Satyarth's father sold the house with a heartless mind and Satyarth's mind came that if he takes a loan by doing unethical work then what is the harm in it?
He had to think that his mind became dirty. From the same day he started doing wrong things. Now they started mixing and selling pulses with flour. This took the place of evil in the house. Money would definitely come in the house, but the barkat of the house had completely flown away. When Satyarth came to know about this, he became worried. He kept thinking on this topic all night.
The next day in the morning when he was asked to eat he refused. On the father's question, he said- I will not eat even a single grain of this in my father. Because this food is unafraid and dishonest, I do not want to contaminate my body and mind by eating it.  
Son Your every letter is an example of truth, but these moments of disaster will have to pass like this.  Respected Father said.
No father it is never good if you work hard and earnestly, then you can take this loan in a few days sadness is our test and happiness is our test. Good result If we have passed the test of grief with good marks, we will get happiness as a result of this, so if we want happiness then we have to pass the test of grief and for this we have to have conscience, truth and honesty. Have to work harder than that. Satyarths truths opened his father's eyes. They stopped all wrongdoing. Satyarth also completed his studies and started helping in father's work. His brothers also improved.  

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