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It's almost impossible for people to get angry with you if you refuse to get angry back at them. No one is going to bother insulting you if their insults fail to produce any kind of response. Kindness and respect exist and flourish not merely because they have moral value. It's because they have strategic value and the powerful potential to persuade. If you seek to change someone's mind, you're not going to do it by hurling insults. The most viable pathway involves understanding, respect, and kindness. Do you want to make it difficult for someone to argue against you? Then find a way to agree with what they're saying. That doesn't mean you have to contradict your own point of view. Dig deep enough to reach a common point of view, and go from there. Before you work on proving your point, put in the time, thought, and effort to improve rapport and connection. Steer clear of needless conflict and make way for real cooperation and progress. We humans are explorers. We go places, just because we've never been there before. We explore new ways of expressing ourselves, new methods for doing business, new technologies. Exploration embodies some of the most positive qualities that we can attain. It is an act of faith, of courage, optimism, confidence, discipline and self reliance. Exploration is curiosity with commitment, with risk, and with the potential for great reward. The best explorers are serious and disciplined enough to survive, yet at the same time bold, open-minded and energetic. Explorers are highly resourceful, making the most use of what they have. Explorers are clearly focused, and yet always maintain a child-like wonder at the discoveries which are unfolding around them.

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