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One day a lion was sleeping in his den. A mouse was also playing nearby. By chance Ole mouse ran over the lion. This made the lion wake up. The lion caught the mouse. He was ready to kill it.
‘Please do not kill me,’ said the mouse. ‘I am a tiny creature. Please save me.’
The lion felt pity for the mouse. He smiled and let the mouse go.
A few days after the lion was walking in a jungle. He found himself caught in a hunter’s net. He roared and rolled to get out of the net. But he failed.
The mouse heard the roar. It at once ran to the lion and said, ‘Please don’t roar. I’ll on set you free.’
It cut through the net and set the lion free.
Moral: Sometimes the smallest of friends can make a biggest impact in your life. The good you do for those small friends will come back when you badly need support.

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