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He said this mega-project was a transformational and a game changer for Pakistan and for the region which would, in due course, also benefit adjoining and peripheral regions.
He urged the regional countries to create greater awareness about this historic initiative, dispel misgivings about it and harness resources for the project which will build the Gwadar Port as the regional trans-shipment pivot supported by a network of roads, railway lines, power plants, industrial zones, pipelines and fiber optic cables.  
The prime minister said Pakistan’s promise as an ascending nation and a lucrative market was being recognised by world capitals and global markets.
He said democracy was taking root in the country as the government was reaching decisions through consultation and consensus.
He said a series of steps had been taken to consolidate macroeconomic stability, control budgetary deficit, strengthen public finances, reduce inflation and increase foreign exchange reserves.
The premier said that government was according highest priority to security and energy to ensure that Pakistan should continue to move on the pathway to economic revival, inclusive growth and social development.  
He mentioned the Operation Zarb-e-Azb which had already taken down terrorists’ networks, disrupted their command and control system and debilitated their supporting infrastructure.
Prime Minister Sharif said it was the time for Saarc and ECO to become connectivity backbones for south, central and west Asia and added that Pakistan should continue its efforts in this regard.

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