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A washer mans donkey would be free to graze on the green field, after a hard day.s work. Instead of staying on the field, he would sneak into the villagers farms and eat the vegetables growing, before sneaking back home. The donkey met a jackal, and they became good friends. They decided to hunt together, and the fat donkey would break the fence to eat vegetables. while the jackal hunted the farm animals. One night, the donkey told the jackal that he felt like singing. The jackal pleaded with him not to sing, as they would get caught. However. the donkey got annoyed and insisted on singing. He opened his mouth and began to bray loudly, and the jackal immediately ran away. The farmers, on hearing the donkey bray. came rushing out and thrashed him for eating their vegetables. The farmers tied a mortar on the donkey, and as he walked home, the jackal joked about the farmers gifting the donkey a necklace for his singing .
You can narrate these Panchatantra stories to explain moral values to children. For example. Panchatantra stories on discipline, friendship. strength, intelligence and other virtues, can make children understand what these morals stand for. and their impact on their daily lives. These stories can also help in your child .s linguistic and cognitive development. To further develop your child’s qualities, get him a kid.s activity subscription kit that contains fun and interesting activities. By trying out these activities your child can enhance his/her other skills as well.
They asked their woodpecker friend to help them. The woodpecker.along with his friends.the fly and the frog. devised a plan. The frog asked the fly to buzz near the elephant’s ear. He said.When the elephant closes his eyes. woodpecker, you must pierce his eyes. The elephant will stand up and try to find water. I will croak far away and the elephant will think there.s water around and reach the place. We will create a big pit and the elephant will fall into it.

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