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Life is incomplete without positive thinking. With the power of positive thinking, dark darkness can also be transformed into light by the rays of hope. We have our own control over our thoughts, so it is for us to decide whether we want to think positively or negatively. We have two types of seeds, Positive and Negative Thoughts, which later determine our attitude and behavior tree. What we think we become is why we are said to behave as we think. It depends on us what we seed into our minds| With a little consciousness and caution, we can turn a thorny tree into a fragrant flower tree.
A story of the Bible is quite famous. In one village there was a tax named Goliath. Everyone was afraid and disturbed by that. One day a shepherd boy named David came to the same village where people were afraid of the monster's terror. David told people that why don't you fight this monster ?Then people said He is so big that he cannot be killed.
David said - "You are right that the monster is very big. But it is not that he cannot be killed because he is older, but the fact is that he is so big that the target cannot be missed. Then David kills that monster with a slingshot. The monster was the same , but David's thinking was different. Just as we wear black and red glasses, we see everything as red and if we wear red glasses, similarly negative thinking will show disappointment, sorrow and dissatisfaction all around us and positive thinking gives us hope , Happiness and satisfaction will be seen.
It is up to us to see this world through positive glasses or negative glasses. If we are wearing positive glasses then we will like every person and we will find some quality in every person but if we have worn negative glasses then we will become bugs who find evils. Positivity begins with hope and belief. There is darkness all around in some place and nothing is visible and if we burn a small lamp there, there is so much power in that lamp that that small lamp will remove the darkness spreading around it in an instant. Similarly, a ray of hope can erase all negative thoughts in a moment.
Negativity cannot eliminate negativity, negativity can only eliminate positivity. Therefore, whenever a small negative thought comes to mind, it should be converted into a positive thought at that moment. For example, if a student suddenly has an idea 20 days before the exam that he will not be able to pass the exam this time, then he has two options - either he repeats this idea repeatedly and slowly.

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