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Beautiful, but Endangered

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Giant panda bears are beautiful creatures. They are very large. They look like American bears. But their fur is different. Instead of being brown, their fur is black and white. They have white heads, with black fur around their eyes and ears. They also have black hair on their shoulders and legs. But the rest of their fur is white. Their fur is very thick. It keeps them warm in the winter.
Giant panda bears live on the other side of the world. They live in forests in China. They cannot be found in America. (Unless, of course, you see one at a zoo.)
Giant panda bears mainly eat plants. Their favorite plant to eat is the bamboo plant. They can eat bamboo for 12 hours every day. That's a lot of bamboo! But they sometimes eat other things. Sometimes they will eat small animals. And they can sometimes eat fish. But they like plants the most. And their favorite plant is always the bamboo.
There are a couple of interesting things about giant pandas. One interesting thing is that they have six fingers instead of five. Their sixth finger helps them eat bamboo. Another interesting thing is that they are very good at climbing trees. They can do this because they have very strong legs. They can climb high up big trees to look for food.
Giant panda bears are wonderful animals, but they are very hard to find. There are very few of them. There are many more American bears than giant panda bears. This is because giant panda bears are dying. They are sometimes not able to find enough food. When this happens, they die. Because there are not many giant panda bears left, scientists say they are endangered. This means they are in danger of dying and disappearing. It also means we need to take very good care of them. If we do not, they might disappear from the earth.

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