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    In modern India, women can be good administrators. Women rulers like Chand Bibi, Elizabeth and Rani of Jhansi proved to the world their solid worth. They ruled most efficiently and brought glory to the nations. Women are intelligent and hardworking. They take up work very honestly, sincerely and earnestly and they put heart and soul in the work.
    Women have made their presence felt in every field of activity and are playing a vital role in the development of free and modern India. They have proved their intellectual and administrative qualities through their honest, sincere and painstaking efforts and efficient accomplishments. Women have proved their skill in every sphere of administration and management. They are objective and impartial in their approach. Women have also enhanced India's prestige in the world as diplomats.
    Women in modern India have achieved great success in the role of doctors and nurses. They have relieved human suffering and are an asset of work in rural areas. Nursing has also become very popular now. Educated women are an asset as teachers and even pursue research work in different areas of human knowledge. Women have pivotal role in teaching and guiding the children and building a strong foundation for the future of the country. They have a great role in the character formation of children. They are very intelligent and have made their mark as educationists. Women can contribute immensely to the social welfare of the people. They  can render social services both during times of peace and during war. They are receiving training even in the use of arms to enable them to serve in the country's defence in case of an emergency.
    At the end, women surely, have a very important role to play in modern India. They have shown their worth as leaders and administrators and that time is not far off when India will have at the helm of affairs women who will lead the country from strength to strength. As legislators, they have distinguished themselves and their speeches in the Parliament are carefully heard and listened to.  

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