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Your ego pushes you to appear impressive. Yet that same ego prevents you from being truly impressive. To the extent you can, get your ego out of the way. Rather than forcing a contrived image of yourself, allow and enable your authentic beauty to shine through. Before you speak, tell yourself that what you have to say doesn't matter. That takes all the pressure off and gives you permission to speak your highest truth. Before you act, tell yourself that what others think of you doesn't matter. That allows you to go forward with sincerity and confidence. Making things all about you is severely limiting. Stepping as far as possible away from your ego is highly liberating. Be you, without being focused on you. Feel the freedom of escaping from ego, and experience all the advantages that brings. Discipline is good for you. Reward yourself with some. Discipline demonstrates to you how much you're capable of accomplishing. Practice discipline, and it strengthens itself along with all your other skills. You cannot choose whether or not to be disciplined. You can only choose whether that discipline will be imposed by you, or by some force outside your control. Life improves dramatically when the discipline you are subject to is the discipline you choose. That choice transforms discipline from punishment to empowerment. Every action, or neglect of action, has consequences.

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