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A bit about me, me talking about typing speeds and my opinion on German and French

created Oct 16th, 14:36 by Ascyt



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It's my first own text on this website ever and I have no idea what to type, so I'm just going to type what first comes into my head. Well, I am a 13 year old student living in Austria, my native language is German and I love working on the computer. I use this website because I want to improve my typing speed, I currently type about 50 words per minute. Sadly I'm only improving very slowly so it could take a long time for me to even reach 60 words per minute. I know some of you can  type over, like, 200 words per minute. And that just crazy! I heard that only one percent of the world's population can even type 90 words per minute. My keyboard layout is QWERTZ (because I speak German) which is really similar to QWERTY, which is the one you are probably using right now. Since I don't know what else to talk about, I'm just going to talk about my native language German. It sadly is a pretty disliked language, which to some degree I can understand. German is very hard to learn and the pronounciation isn't really the easiest. But I still think it's pretty annoying when people say that German sounds aggressive. Like, if you learn it it won't sound agressive at all. I think that's a really bad reason to not learn the language. I'm also learning French in school, so I might be able to write a bit about that, too. Well, French is a bit weird. Maybe I'm just saying that because I'm bad at it, but for some reason, like, you sometimes don't even pronounce half of a word. But I still think that French is a cool language. Anyway, I hope that this amount of words is enough, maybe even too much. Thank you for typing this terrible text and... Bye!

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