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I have no wish to impose my views upon the ambassador or to embarrass him by asking for impssible improvements: but it is important I should impress upon him the chancellors opinion in the case of those lumber visits. You will see imperative it is I should see the ambassador, it we are to have any improvement in our relations just now. I desire to discover whither the water’s story is true or the idle tale of a willful Imposter . I shall occupy only a guarder of an hour and I am sure the ambassador will agree the importance of the case is well worth the time. I am grateful to you for inviting me again and giving me this opportunity of meeting your hour were not given as many opportunities for consultation as you wished to have . It may be occasionally that this has not been possible or easy but we accept entirely the principle of consultation in as large a measure as possible.   
At the outset, I should say that the broad principles of a tax on wealth have received war, support not only in the other House nut also from a large section of the public thought there was criticism over some particular provisions also. I had re-examination the original provisions in the light of the criticism and also representations received form various quarters and such re-examination has only strengthened the justification for the tax You ought to be a different fellow when I leave if you will be influenced by me. I think I can give you a mile is six and beat you I have had some talk with young Lord Robson several times in the past week and he says you can do five miles an hour . Those who saw you last autumn and know what you can do all say the same thing . This is all I know as in your firm . But we shall see for ourselves . I think you will own I am far beyond you in speed . It will be a case of each for himself and the race to the faster of the tow . But I know I shall beat you unless you are faster this year. Those who think poetry of themselves only undue those who know them to think the same. I speak for myself because I know myself I can say a deal on this subject and I usually do so You ask why I have stayed away so long . The answer is business keeps me away.  

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