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My aim in life

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Every individual in this world is having an aim in life. it is an old saying that "a man without an aim is like a train without an engine."By this proverb it is quite clear that one must have aim in life. Different individuals have different aims in life, some want to become a doctor,some want to become lawyer , some want to become engineer while some others want to become a teacher or a social worker.  
I don't want to become a doctor in my life as a doctor has to see wounds and sours in his life. I also don't want to become an engineer in my life because an engineer is always busy in his doings and has very little time for other important issues of the life like that of family and other responsibilities. I also don't want to become a lawyer because i think a lawyer is always a lier. So i want to become a teacher in my life. A teacher is a torch bearer a nation builder and a servant of mankind. A a teacher i shall try my best to remove ignorance in the minds of my students. I will always try to put the real life meaning in front of them so that they are not fooled in their future life. I will always advice them to breath in the fresh air new ideas and never stop learning in their life even they are economically sound.  

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