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Book Report 'Amal Unbound.'

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'Amal Unbound' is a beautiful book about a girl named Amal who dreamed of becoming a teacher.  But that dream disappears when without knowing she accidently insulted Jawad Sahib, the landlord of a few villages, one of the villages being the one where Amal lived.  She was then taken away from her family and was taken to Jawad Sahib's house.  No, not a house, a mansion.  She was given as a servant to Nasreen Baji, the mother of Jawad Sahib.  Since Amal was the personal maid of Nasreen Baji she had to serve her breakfast and iron her clothes.  But even though she had just about arrived at the mansion she had already created enemies.  Before Amal had arrived at the mansion Nasreen Baji had a different personal maid, and the maid's name was Nabila.  Nabila performed many tricks trying to get Amal in trouble so that then she could get her job back.  Some plans failed, one succeeded, but not in the way Nabila had hoped.  At some point Amal and Nabila became friends.  They also tried to overthrow Jawad Sahib so that then they could get their freedom back.  At some point they devised a plan, but will it, or will it not, succeed.

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