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About Computer

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The invention of computer and its subsequent use has helped in making the dreams of many people come into the realization and it is almost impossible to imagine what our lives would be like without the computer. A computer is basically a device that can be used for a lot of purposes ranging from storage of information, messaging, email, calculation, software programming, data processing and so many more.
A desktop computer comprises of a monitor, a CPU, a keyboard, an UPS, a mouse for the computer to function very well. A laptop does not need all of the other things apart from itself to function. The computer is basically an electronic device that has a large memory and can save any amount of data.
The human race has become extremely dependent on the technology of the computer. The computer and its technology is now used in every filed and area. Students of any grade use the computer to prepare for exams, download lecture notes, prepare their projects, collect a lot of information within very few minutes and learn how and paint with various computer software.
The computer improves professional skills in students and increases their chances of getting a good job easily. The 21st century computer are very much advanced which means that they are lighter, smaller, more powerful and speedier. They can be used in all fields like in traffic control, weather forecasting, shopping, education, medical sector, crime detection, machinery operations, spacecraft guidance, examinations, and so on. Overall, the computer has revolutionized technology and how we handle things.

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