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The Secret

created Sep 9th, 17:03 by N1GHTINGAL3



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Personally I think it is quite easy to get onto the top page in terms of ratings and such, and I will share my secret with you. In the past I have spoken about how you can sabotage other's texts, but there are also some secret, nonchalant persuasive strategies used in my texts that urge you to rate my texts highly. For instance, the first is easy words to type. If I include more difficult words or numbers and such, less people will rate the text. Also, keeping the text a medium length is essential as longer texts result in far fewer plays. Finally, if you enjoyed this text then please give a good rating so others will see and type this. If this makes it to the top like my other texts I will release a second part detailing more strategies for getting good ratings on your texts.

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