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Speed vs. Accuracy

created Sep 8th, 21:57 by JeroenNeve



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If you are just starting out, it is tempting to concentrate on your typing speed rather than your accuracy. While you may make good strides doing this, it is important to also focus on accuracy. It is much easier to speed up accurate typing than it is to improve bad technique. Speed will come with practice over time. Cramped muscles and wandering hands won't do you much good when you're aiming for consistency.
Concentrate on small finger movements without adjusting the hand position (too much), and avoid accidentally striking two keys at once! Even if the cramped or fatigued muscle does not hinder you (it does!), inefficient finger movement will affect typing speed, due to the simple fact they have longer distances to travel.
Also, during the creative process, a slower typing speed is much less disruptive than the interruption of your train of thought to correct a mistake. Accuracy frees up your mind to focus on contents, rather than half your brain checking your typing instead. An easy pace that does not require much thought (or none at all) enables you to stay in "the zone" where your creativity is flowing.
Focus on your accuracy first, strike each key with intent and confidence in regular rhythm, and I promise you that not only your speed but also your productivity will increase.

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