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God's own country.

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Kerala the lush green strip of land on the south-west coast of India, lies snuggled between the vast Arabian Sea on its west and the Western Ghats in the east. This tropical paradise with its spectacular and diverse natural attractions has long attracted holiday makers from acres the world. A 600 km long coastline stretching across 11 out of its fourteen districts, emerald backwaters, exotic wild life, beautiful waterfalls, historic monuments and misty hill stations have made it one of the most acclaimed states in the world.
The centuries-old holistic medicine of Ayurveda, the unique boat races that is the largest team sport in the world, the ride through the winding waterways in a cozy houseboat or the colourful and exotic festivals Kerala offers a multitude of experience to the tourists. The land's natural beauty is further enhanced by a rich tradition of music and arts dating back over a thousand years, making Kerala truly God's own country.
Kerala has received laurels from policy makers and developmental economists all over the globe for the investments it has made in the sectors of education and health over the year's which helped the state in becoming an enlightened state with a very talented human resource base. Many experts have cited the remarkable social sector development of the state by pointing out that Kerala's accomplishment shows that the well being of the people can be improved, and social, political, and cultural conditions transformed, even at low levels of income, if there is appropriate public action. In Kerala, the agitations of mass organizations and mass movements against social, political and economic oppression and the policy actions of governments have been the most important constituents of public action.

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