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Two steps to become a master at typing

created Sep 4th, 20:11 by Kaitlin



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Let me tell you why typing is a big thing in your life. First step is learning how to type. You may think that it will be impossible to type because there are so many keys. But it gets easier once you get the concept and know where the keys are located. The most important thing to do is take your time and try not to look at the keyboard. Not looking at the keyboard can help you improve your speed. Don't make it a habit. Second step is getting faster. Now I'm not saying you HAVE to get faster but practice makes perfect. You can start out slow and once you get comfortable you can start getting faster and faster. Do not push yourself. Typing can be relaxing like squeezing a stress ball. Fun thing, if you love typing as much as I do, you can get a job that requires typing fast. So these are the best two steps of how to become a master at typing!

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