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random typing test

created Sep 2nd, 17:18 by NotApollo



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how fast did you know there was a pan in the tree and a rat came down to eat the orange you knocked down the sink was hot and the city was cold so the van came around the corner to help the people and everyone was happy and expressed glee thank you for being so nice I was lost and you found me typing random stuff that appears to be easily typed fast and makes it simple and easier to get high words per minute thank you for being nice to me and the sink was hot but the city was cold and things are seen through the window I do not know if this is long enough for typing I wonder if it is please answer me how long would it take to type this I guess it depends on the person and how frequent these words are wow frequent is not a frequent word I am sorry for putting it in there now you have to type it twice which makes it even harder I am so sorry but still how long would it take to type this I do not know because I have not attempted this yet it must be very short or very long I wonder if someone would even complete this in a minute or less that is why I am still typing for your benefit

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