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You complain since , that the boys laugh at you and do not care about you, and that your are not treated as you were at home. My dear, that is one chief reason for your being sent to school, to inure you betimes to the unavoidable rubs and uncertain reception you may meet with in life . You can Not ALWAYS BE WITH ME, AND PERHAPS IT IOS AS WELL THAT YOU CANNOT. but YOU MUST NOT EXPECT OTHERS TO SHOW THE SAME CONCERN ABOUT YOU AS i SHOULD. You have hitherto been a spoil t child, and have been used to have your own way a good deal, both in the house and among your playfellows, with whom you were too fond of being a leader, but you have good nature and good sense, and will get the better of this in time. You have now got among other boys who are your equals, or bigger and stronger than yourself and who have something else to attend to besides humoring your whims and faces and feel this as a repulse or piece of injustice But the first lesson to learn is that there are other people in the world besides yourself.
There are a  number of boys in the school where you are, whose amusements and pursuit (whatever they may be) are and ought to be of as yours can be to you, and to which therefore, you must give way in your turn. The more airs of childish self-importance you give yourself you will only expose yourself to be the more too and laughed at. True equality is the only true morality or true wisdom. Remember always that you are but one among others, and you can hardly mistake your place in society. In your father is house you might do as you pleased: in the world you will millions  you can only expect the share their fate, or settle your differences, amicably with them. You already find it so at school; and I wish you to be reconciled to your situation as soon and with as little pain as you can  
Your affectionate father,  

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