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You know that I once wrote a book called The Discovery of India. I was engaged in that quest long before I wrote that book. It was not mere curiosity that led me to that quest. I was engaged in many activities and I wanted a proper reconciliation between my activity and my thought. Thought without action is abortion. Action without thought is folly.  
 Of course, we sometimes act on some impulse or irrepressible urge. If suddenly you throw a brick at me and my hand goes up to protect myself, it is an automatic, instinctive action and not a result of deliberate thought. Our living is conditioned by a series of automatic actions from morning till night.  Anything we do outside that common range of actions, however, has to be preceded by some measure of thinking The more action and thought are allied and integrated, the more effective they become and the happier you grow. There will then be no inner conflict between wish to do something and inability to act, or between thinking one way and acting in another. The happiest man is he whose thinking and action are co-ordinated. Happiness, after all, is an inner state of mind. It is little dependent on outside environment, Happiness has very little to do, for instance, with whether you are rich or not rich.  
Some of the most miserable persons I have come acorss in my life, are the rich people. It is true that poverty makes one miserable in a very acute way. But the rich people. It is true that poverty makes one miserable in a very acute way. But my point is that it is not wealth but co-ordination of one's thought and action which removes inner conflicts, It is in that way that integration of personality is achieved.  
We were engaged, as you know, in a very great movement in India. Because that movement was intimately concerned with the freedom of India, I was led to wonder what exactly India is. I knew, of course, the geography of India. I knew many other odd facts about india, too. i was not prepared to accept it on faith that because I was born in India, therefore India was the greatest country in the world. That is the kind of folly in which the people of every country indulge.  

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