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created Jul 9th 2020, 11:56 by Sakshi Thakur



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Is your use of time right now advancing your life in the direction you want it to go? Or is there something more purposeful, more fulfilling that you could be doing? Once this day is over, you've forever lost its unique possibilities. Keep that in mind, and make sure you're choosing the highest possibilities in every moment. The march of time is relentless, and you can be just as relentless. Align your priorities so that time is working for you rather than against you. Lift your awareness above the meaningless distractions. Constantly feel the gentle, yet powerful energy of knowing that you're making a positive difference. A week from today, you can look back and clearly see the progress you've made. Use this moment, this situation, this activity to ensure you'll be looking back with the highest satisfaction. Life happens now, and what you do with now has a very real impact on the life you experience from this day on. Do all you can to make that impact the most beneficial it can be. There are so many places you can go in your mind. Go somewhere positive and empowering. You can explore any trail of thoughts you wish to think. Make those thoughts inspiring, uplifting, encouraging. You're thinking about one thing or another all the time. Put those many thoughts to good use. Your thoughts have much to do with the things you notice, how you feel, and what you do with each valuable moment. Choose thoughts that serve you, and your world, best. Whatever you dwell on in your thoughts is what takes center stage in your awareness. With every thought, you have the opportunity to send your life in a more positive, fulfilling direction.

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