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There is a very beautiful story in Purana. There was a pond in a forest. The animals of that forest used to come to drink water in the same pond. One day a hunter came near that pond. He drank his hands and water in the pond and the hunter was very tired. And was hungry for several days. He thought  The animals of the forest will come near this pond to drink water. Here I will easily find prey.  He sat on a vine tree near the pond.
A deer came to drink water in the pond in a while. The hunter shot an arrow at the bow to kill the deer. Hirni saw the hunter shoot the arrow and said  Brother hunter I know That now I cannot escape and escape from your arrow; But you have pity on me. My two small children will see my way. You give me a little holiday, I promise you. That she will return to you after feeding her children and handing them over to her friend Hirani.  
The hunter laughed and did not believe that this deer would return to life again. But she thought  When she says like this. So leave it. If I am in luck, then I will find another victim.  He let the deer go. In a while, the beautiful black deer with big singers came to drink water. When the hunter mounted a bow arrow to kill him, the deer saw it and said  Brother hunter! Separated from my deer and children, I am late. They must all be nervous. I will go to them and meet them and convince them, then I will definitely come to you. At this time you have compassion to let me go.  
The hunter crouched a lot. He was very hungry. But he let the deer go thinking that if I have to stay hungry in my destiny, I will starve more today. Hirani went to her children. He gave milk to the children, loved them. Then by telling all things to her friend Hirani, she wants her baby to sleep. At that time, that deer also came there. He also loved children. Children were not ready to separate from their parents. In the end, deer and Hirani took them along with them as their hut.
Approaching the pond, the deer said to the hunter  Brother hunter! Now we have come. Now kill us with your bananas and erase your hunger with our flesh.  
The hunter was surprised to see the truth of deer and deer. He came down from the tree and said  Look! These deer, despite being animals, are so honest about their words. Leaving this fascination, I have come to protect the truth. How humble and sinful I am as a human being, that I kill innocent animals to feed myself and earn four paise.  

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