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Swami Arvasu was a monk who roamed the villages along the river, Ganges with his small sroup of followers. They went from village to village collecting alms. During the day they would collect the offering, and at night either enjon the hospitality of a king and ,, generous host or take shelter under a tree.  
One evening, Swami Arvasu was sitting under a banyan tree addressing a group of the faithful . He was a good specker and had the ability to hold his audience spellbound for hours together. He was giving a discourse on the Gita and  its relevance to the common man. After the discourse everyone left. discussing among themselves the sage's world of wisdom. Only one man stayed back. He was  getting he thief had words of beginning his attention kept wandering as he searched for prop looking  
A young woman , clad in a tattered sari, was sitting on her haunches in front of the fireplace. A frying pan was on the fir.  
                                 as Two children , a girl aged five and  a boy four were huddled in a corner. They were thing with their bones sticking out of their clothes..  
As  doing something strange. Every few seconds she would take a few drops  of wanted out what she was saying As watched. she let kept repeating the same thing Curiosity overtook standing at the door he said i am disciple of the young woman was surprised to see a person in saffron clothe She . stood up and in I and inside fortunate to have your mind as o
she death. T I will be attaining salvation. my entire life. I have deviated from the path of dharma i have lived like a monk and never committed a single And this a is reward for all my noble deeds.  
A young man clad in fine clothes got down from the celestial i an go with you nee the sage stepped forward. not a come take you his  the sage and his disciples stood speechless as  into out a.

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