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Earning money is important. Buying all the physical comfort we can buy with that money, is also important. But money is not only currency, it is also energy. Money earned ethically comes home with blessings, as it comes home after giving peace and happiness to others. Money has become an entity which many people find hard to be satisfied with. Have you ever been contented with how much you earn? Have you felt that the more you have, the more you want? Do you know anyone whose need or greed for money made them compromise on their ethics to earn more? Money is not just visible currency. It also carries invisible energy of how they earned it which includes our intentions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, principles and ethics. If this energy is pure and positive, we bring home not just money but also the energies of peace, happiness and love. When such money with its pure energy is used to fulfill our family's needs and comforts, everyone's well-being is assured. Let's start taking care not just of how much we earn, but also how we earn. Let us be honest, clean and authentic in our thoughts and words. Let us co-operate with people, live our values and earn blessings of everyone working with us. Our money earned should not have a trace of anyone's pain, dissatisfaction or discomfort. Create your own principles and ethics of the ways to earn and don't compromise on them. Remind yourself every morning that you are a pure being. Be sincere and honest in everything you do. Carry pure energy at your workplace. Your thoughts, words and behaviors earn you blessings the whole day, at home, at work.

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