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The Earth is home to many creatures. Animals have been the inhabitants of this planet along with humans. Historically animals were used for transportation  protection as well as for hunting. Animals have been companions to man since time immemorial. Animals are the kingdom while classifying their species. There are a variety of species present under this with their presence spanning across the world. Amphibians primarily require a moist environment as they breathe and absorb through thin skins. Some amphibians include frogs salamanders toads and carnelians. Mammals are vertebrates and warm-blooded. Females have mammary glands to feed their young ones and have a thick coat of fur.   
Insects have an exoskeleton. They have three pairs of legs, a head thorax and abdomen. Beetles ants and bees are some insects. Birds have wings beaks and feathers such as eagles pigeons crows and sparrows. There are many species of animals that are domesticated as well, such as dogs cats rabbits horses etc Animals are vital to the ecosystem. Animals have different purposes when it comes to the environment. Even microorganisms help to clean our planet. Many animals aide plants to converting free nitrogen present in the air and nourishing the roots and a crucial role in sustaining ecological balance. Predatory animals keep the population in the animal population controlled. Animals that feed on plants help to control plant growth They also provide us with the food required for our survival. Poultry dairy and meat serve as essentials to many cultures and their diets. Animals are one of the oldest companions of humans.
We need to protect animals because the Earth is not just our home it belongs to them as well. They are the faithful companions of man. Every year we celebrate the 3rd of March as World Wildlife Day to spread the message of protecting our animals.

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