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created Jun 29th 2020, 04:41 by Sakshi Thakur



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Are you holding tightly to something that's not moving forward? Then you're not moving forward either. Is there a habit, assumption, concept, perspective, that you've been hesitant to let go of? Could it be keeping you stuck, preventing you from making progress? It’s comfortable to stick firmly with what's familiar, expected, and predictable. A big part of improvement is letting go of whatever may be blocking that improvement. Yes it takes courage, yes it takes strength, and yes it will make a major positive difference. What you're able to accomplish is a function of what you're willing to relinquish. By letting go of what is, you expand the possibilities of what can be. You must leave the familiar harbor if you wish to cross the stormy sea. Yet oh, what a magnificent world awaits your discovery when you do. Stop for a moment and consider the priorities you’ve set for your life. Then ask yourself  what are you doing about them? In your heart and in your mind you carry around certain priorities, things that are truly important to you. Are these all-important things also being reflected in your time and in your actions? When the reality of your life is in conflict with your most deeply held values and priorities, then nothing is going to work very well.

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